Didn't think that would happen

As a civil wedding celebrant I expect to officiate ceremonies at wedding venues, in parks, on beaches and at homes. I have no religious tendencies or beliefs so the idea that I might perform a wedding in a church never even occurred to me. On Saturday that’s exactly what happened.

Not only did I perform a wedding in a church but the couple were a gay couple. That venue was the Nurse’s War Memorial Chapel at Little Bay in Sydney and it’s an interdenominational chapel for people of various faiths to use.

It’s a beautiful venue with the sun streaming in to the chapel in the late afternoon. There were sounds of people enjoying the beach and walking their dogs drifting in through the windows and the colours created by the stained glass were just beautiful.

I wonder if that will be my last ceremony in a chapel? It was quite special, despite my lack of religious convictions and like any place with good acoustics, sound of friends and family laughing and celebrating sounded fantastic.

Brenton ParryComment