That time of year

With the arrival of Spring comes peak wedding season. In the past month I have done the required wedding forms with four different couples. I'll be officiating their weddings over the next couple of months, two of them in the next two weeks.

One thing I've noticed, and really enjoyed is all the plans that these couples are making for their day. While a lot of traditions are still observed, more and more couples are tailoring their day very much to represent them. As I've discussed before on this blog, most wedding traditions stem from pagan rituals, superstitions and the violent times when wives were stolen. Not many of them seem relevant these days.

In an era where most couples live together long before getting married, we've seen a lot of societal expectations change. Especially in the area of LGBT weddings, couples are free to (legal requirements aside) throw the rule book right out the window.

In two weeks I have the immense pleasure of officiating at the wedding of an old school friend and her long time partner. The two of them are meeting their guests at the venue, having a drink and some canapés, then having a very simple ceremony before the party begins. I can't wait.

Brenton Parry1 Comment