The first anniversary gift

As with nearly every aspect of a wedding, the first anniversary and every anniversary after has a traditional gift. The first year of marriage a gift made of paper is traditional. Some people might try and make do with a card but that's not quite up to scratch.

A good option for a gift made of paper is a ticket to something special. A concert, a play or just about any event works really well. Other options include a piece of artwork for your home together and a really popular one is a photo book of your time together as a couple or even of your wedding day if you don't have one already.

There are a few thoughts on where the tradition of paper as the first anniversary gift come from. One thought is that a blank piece of paper represents the fresh start of your lives together. Another thought is that it represents the modest and fragile beginnings of a long term relationship and it gives you the opportunity to write your futures together.

Paper is such a common material but when you think about it creatively it can be a beautiful first anniversary gift!

Brenton ParryComment