Get your Fairytale!

If you take your passion and turn it into the concept of your wedding, what would your family say? To be honest it shouldn’t matter. They should be on board and support you.

This couple in Illinois decided that they were going to have their fairytale wedding. Garrett and Jason bonded over their love of Disney movies and then got engaged at Disneyland in 2016 so it should have come as no surprise to their families that they were going to have a Disney themed wedding.

In a really nice show of sentiment, the two guys thought that Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story had a great lifelong friendship and that is the idea behind all great successful marriages right? Thankfully all their friends and family got right behind the theme and dressed up as Disney Characters. In one photo I saw online it appeared that one set of parents came as Neptune and Ursula from the Little Mermaid!

Some people might suggest that you’ll regret the decision to have a fancy dress wedding but I argue that fashion changes anyway and we all look at our parents’ wedding photos and laugh at the fashion so why not do exactly what you like and have your fairytale wedding. Literally.

As a wedding celebrant I would be very keen to join in with a fancy dress or themed wedding. Great fun!

Brenton ParryComment