The world keeps spinning

Here we are a little over 7 weeks after Australian Parliament legalised same-sex marriage and as a friend and I were discussing, absolutely nothing has changed. All of the conservatives had predicted the sky would fall, the earth's surface would crack open and the demons of hell would be unleashed by the mere thought of two men or two women being in love. The lovely trans people of this world confused the hell out of them.

In the next month I will be performing three same-sex weddings for friends and acquaintances. Later in the year I will be incredibly happy to officiate at the wedding of a woman I went to school with and her partner of 20 years.

The complete lack of world-ending events proves that all we wanted was equality and that giving respect, dignity and equality to one party takes absolutely nothing away from the people who already have those rights.

With four same-sex weddings booked this year, the straight couples need to play catch up in my bookings now. The more the merrier!

Brenton ParryComment