This week?

Just a few weeks ago, Australia voted Yes in a non-binding, non-compulsory opinion poll on whether Australia should legalise Same Sex Marriage.

Last week the Bill to change the law to bring equality was passed through the Senate almost unchanged and passed easily. All of the outrageous "religious freedom" amendments to allow discrimination were voted down easily.

Today the debates on the Bill started in the House of Representatives. This is the final hurdle and we should see it passed easily but dare we get our hopes up? Growing up knowing I was different but not aware of how this was something I never even dreamed was possible. Now it's looking likely that it will be a reality by the end of the week.

I'm scared that somehow the conservatives in Parliament will still get their way even after being told overwhelmingly that the Australian public support equality.

Fingers crossed and heart open. I can't wait to officiate at weddings of LOTS of my LGBTIQ friends and broader community.

Brenton ParryComment