It's all on the dance floor

It’s taken a while. We are just over a year into Marriage Equality here in Australia and I've officiated at six same-sex weddings and five heterosexual weddings. Equality is what we, the LGBTIQ community were fighting for and that’s what we got. We have the right to get married and everyone whether gay or straight has the right to plan the wedding of their dreams but there was a difference and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Recently I was a guest at the wedding of some close friends of mine, a same sex couple and it hit me. The difference between gay weddings and straight weddings has nothing to do with the gender of the people getting married. The difference is all on the dance floor.

At all the straight weddings I’ve been to in recent years, the music takes a turn at around 9-9.30pm to late 90’s, early 00’s RnB and Hip Hop. Think Gangsta's Paradise, early Kanye and the like and you turn around and all the guests, in my experience largely white 30+ people suddenly think they are black rappers. All great fun and great music.

At the gay wedding recently at around the same point in the evening suddenly the music, instead of RnB, turned to diva remixes and all the gay boys on the dance floor thought they were all backup dancers for Whitney, Madonna, Kylie, Ariana etc. Amazing fun to watch, especially when the one guy who’s had more than enough to drink busts out a full dance routine and splits his pants on the dance floor. Glorious!

Maybe we aren’t all that different after all. Everyone has the right to make a beautiful fool of themselves on the dance floor with a huge smile on their face, however they see fit!

Brenton ParryComment