Staying true

One thing you need to remember when planning your wedding day is that it is your day. It’s no one else’s. Don’t plan your day around the expectations of friends or family or even society at large. Just keep it true to you. There is a very big difference in making sure your day is what you want, and being a demanding bridezilla. Bridezilla behaviour is not something I endorse or encourage. There is no need to be rude or demanding to your loved ones. 

All that being said, sometimes you need to have some awkward or difficult conversations. In my role as a wedding celebrant it is my job to write a ceremony that is personal and special. If you as a couple read what the celebrant has written and it doesn’t feel right, you are very much within your rights to ask for changes. Some friends recently showed me the script that their celebrant has written for them because they had concerns. Even though the celebrant has known one of them for over three decades, the ceremony didn’t feel personal. It felt like a generic script.

If it helps the celebrant write a better script, feel free to email them photos and stories of your time together as a couple. The more I know about the couple I’m marrying the more personal and memorable I can make the ceremony for them. We owe it to you to make your day feel special.

Brenton ParryComment