My First Wedding

With my second wedding ceremony in just a couple of weeks, today I received some official photos from my first wedding back in August where I married some dear friends of mine.

As the day approached I got more and more nervous but on the day it couldn't have gone any more perfectly and a better wedding I'd be hard pressed to say has ever happened. The guests were all great people, the Bride and Groom are two of the loveliest people you'll ever meet and boy do they know how to throw a party.

Performing a wedding for close friends adds a certain amount of pressure to the situation but also helped keep me at ease. It all felt very comfortable and enjoyable. Several people congratulated me on a good ceremony so that certainly helped with my confidence going in to this second wedding.

Once again, the next wedding is for some good friends of mine and that will undoubtedly be a fun wedding as well. There are some fantastic people going.

Brenton ParryComment